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Stramit Building Products Brochure Downloads - Purlins & Structural
File Type Thumbnail Name/Description File Size Download

PDF File
Stramit Condeck HP® Composite Slab System brochure - 244
Selection and specification, design, procurement and installation

Dated added/updated: 11/04/13 Products linked to this download:
Stramit Condeck HP®
2,456.47  KB  

PDF File
Stramit® Purlins Girts and Bridging Manual - 270
Selection & specification, design data, procurement, installation

Dated added/updated: 22/05/14 Products linked to this download:
C100 Stramit® C Section | Z100 Stramit® Z Section | Z150 Stramit® Z Section | Z200 Stramit® Z Section | Z250 Stramit® Z Section | Z300 Stramit® Z Section | Z350 Stramit® Z Section | C150 Stramit® C Section | C200 Stramit® C Section | C250 Stramit® C Section | C300 Stramit® C Section | C350 Stramit® C Section | Stramit® Purlins and Girts
649.38  KB  

PDF File
Stramit® Top Hats & Battens - 220
Product details and capacity tables.

Dated added/updated: 12/04/13 Products linked to this download:
Stramit® Top Hat TH64 Series | Stramit® Top Hat TH96 Series | Stramit® Roof Batten | Stramit® Cyclonic Roof Batten | Stramit® Ceiling Batten
1,011.03  KB  

PDF File
Stramit TH120™ Top Hat Sections - 4803
Product technical supplement - selection, design, installation & procurement.

Dated added/updated: 22/05/14 Products linked to this download:
Stramit TH120™ Top Hat Sections
1,388.08  KB  

PDF File
Stramit Exacta C&Z purlins & girts brochure - 5099
Design capacity tables and member moment capacities.

Dated added/updated: 20/03/17
1,967.43  KB  

PDF File
Stramit PrimeForm® brochure - 4866
This Stramit PrimeForm® Left-in-place Formwork System Technical Manual includes product features as well as installation techniques and formwork design data.

Dated added/updated: 11/04/13
679.42  KB  

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