COLORBOND® Ultra steel
Dune® Monument® Surfmist® Wallaby® Windspray® Woodland Grey®

Information Panel

CMYK : 30 25 32 8

RGB : 177 173 163


Colour Classification in Accordance
with the BCA and BASIX :

Solar Absorptance : 0.47

BCA Rating : M

BASIX Rating : L

Key : L - Light, M - Medium, D - Dark

Material & Colour Information
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COLORBOND® Ultra steel

While standard COLORBOND® steel will suit most home designs and most locations, BlueScope also make specialist grades suited to more demanding environments, like those by the sea or in areas prone to industrial or chemical fumes and fallout.

How is COLORBOND® steel made?
Selecting a grade of COLORBOND® steel.

COLORBOND® Ultra steel